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Over the last decade, it has become a requirement for most students to complete community service hours before graduating. Some schools have relationships with a few local charities. Some charities come to schools and present their volunteer opportunities to the students. Mostly, it is up to the students and/or their parents to find those places that will qualify for community service hours.

Charitable Hours was designed to simplify this process for everyone.

Charitable Hours is a web site that matches volunteers with businesses that need them. Students can search by location, date or category to find a volunteer opportunity that interests them and that is compatible with their schedule. Students can explore their dreams for career paths by volunteering in their fields of interest. Whether it's medical, environmental, athletic, management, recovery, construction, veterinary medicine, marketing, social service, military, etc. a student should be able to find an organization that can give them a glimpse of what a future career might be like. They can get hands on experience in their chosen field that could be invaluable for future education or career decisions.

Organizations will now be able to recruit volunteers that have targeted them as an area they are interested in exploring. Matching students with their interests will help them become better volunteers. If they like what they are doing they will work harder. If they work harder the organization will benefit. If the organization benefits, the world will be become a better place. Everyone wins!


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