Sylvia Milani McClain

Granny Yoo-Hoo, United States, 15 January 2002

1909 - 2002

Audio Interview with Sylvia Milani McClain ("Granny Yoo-Hoo" to her grandchildren) telling stories of what it was like coming to America and living in Tennessee in the early days.

The excerpts "Country Living" and "Heaven's Grocery Store" are narrated by her eldest son, Bengimino (Ben) McClain.


Country Living

The Italian

Granny's Granny

Gino and Bengimino

Coming to America

The Hook and Eye




Country Raised

Advise to Young

Heaven's Grocery Store

Cast & Characters

Sylvia Milani McClain, Ben McClain, Mike McClain, Sonny McClain


Interviewer: Mike McClain

Photos and Editing: Kelly McClain

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