Photo Mural

Photo Mural

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Photo Murals for DFW and Irvine, CA office locations

The idea was to actually have employee photos in office lobby area where visitors waited to be greeted along with the company's Mission Statement prominently shown.

The photos were printed and mounted on thin panels at 3 different dimensions and placed strategically at 3 different levels of space from the wall, overlapping each other.

  • 10x10
  • 11x16.5
  • 14x20
  • 14x60 (Mission Statement)

The panels and spacers had commercial grade velcro strips so that we could create and replace photos as desired.

I found out the Irvine, CA office had a slightly smaller lobby wall shortly after arriving so I created variation of the design that included a 2nd collection wrapping around the corner of the main entrance adjacent from the main mural wall.

Photo enlargement and panel mounting by Judy Vanderpool. Installation assistance from corporate facilities.


  • Dimensions: 12 x 4 feet

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