Comments are Welcome???

YES! ... Except for Spammers

So after much hesitation, I wanted to add a comments feature to the website to flex the social networking integration skills and to just make it a bit more interactive than a bunch of static pages.

The site hasn't even been up that long and I haven't even sent that many people to it to check things out. But WOW. The comments just kept pouring in but not the one's I anticipated.

Apparently, I'm in desperate need of cheap rolexes, gucci knock off purses and "male enhancement" pills because somebody thought I needed to be reminded between 20 and 30 times a day by posting their ads on my site in every available comment box.

As an administrator of websites like this, we program the site to NOT post these comments automatically but get emailed that a comment has been made and then we go in to review and approve that comment. You would think that would be safe and enough, right? ... WRONG. Sure, with a personal website such as this one, I'd love to get feedback on the things I share but I don't need it to become a part time job either.

So that's where reCAPTCHA comes in.

reCAPTCHA is that little box at the bottom of these pages where you have to type in those distorted words that appear before hitting the "submit" button. This is because there are these little programs called "spam bots" that search the web and find those comment fields and post ads for their products/services automatically.

Yeah yeah, it's kind-of a hassle, but I'd still love to hear from YOU (friends and family) but to you other folks ... Seriously, I DO NOT carry a purse, nor am I fond of wearing a watch AND my man stuff works just fine!

Thanks, but NO THANKS!

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