Apologies ...

Working on several letters of apology

Not going too well, thus far.

Dear [Insert Name Here] ...

I'm truly sorry for ...

... and that's about as far as they get.

It's really easy to throw in a bunch of excuses but excuses do not move things forward, nor does it sound apologetic at all. Over the last few months, the waste basket is now full of those. Nope. Not sending those. Good thing I didn't have any stamps anyway.

YES, sometimes life has a way of throwing us into all sorts (and out-of-sorts) of directions but in the end we all need to stand and be accountable for our own actions and reactions. Emotional guilt and feelings of abandonment can be freakishly paralyzing but THOSE TOO are just excuses.

In the voice of Russell Peters ... "Be a Man!" ... If you don't know who that is, look him up on YouTube. HILARIOUS!

Ok, enough of this semi-hiatus ... Really. Time to get crackin on a lot of over-due promises and commitments.

Peace and love, ya'll and thanks for sticking through Kelly's "STUCK-IN-RUT" period.

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