2012 - Lake Worth, Florida

2011 KICKED MY TAIL! ... Another move that year with YET ANOTHER MOVE on it's way come summer, and this time, out of state ... away from the kiddos for a little while. Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do this year was go to the festival feeling like it was going to be "work" when my body and brain was SCREAMING for some peace and relaxation.

I was flipping through my photos on my phone and came across a photo of me kissing Shai good night that I had taken right before I left for the festival.

Inspiration found! (Thanks, princess!)

No stencil, no print out and no grid line. Total free-form. Yeah, it may not be a perfect likeness, but choosing this photo to draw made it a ton of fun and helped me gain a bit more peace of mind. A friend/former colleague of mine came by that day with her family and I put her daughter to work. I'm pretty sure she'll be coming back next year.

It's contagious I tell ya!

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