2009 - Lake Worth, FL

Reproduction of Cbabi Bayoc's "Kinderjammin"

It was a good life lesson this year. What I absolutely LOVE most about this art form is that it brings EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE ... all walks of life, cultures and personalities together for a short time just having fun and getting along. We do this. This is what we do. We enjoy it. We connect to it. We love to share it. We love to connect and share with others through it ...

When it's over, there's often a sadness and a wrestle with denial because you know very well you can't take it with you. You have to let it go.

It's Kinda like Kindergarden.

You stick a bunch of different kids with a bunch of VERY different ways of communicating in one place and watch what happens. Little Nathan has a hard time making friends and doesn't have the vocabulary skills yet to tell Paullete that he likes her and wants to play with her so he pulls hard on her pig tails and makes her cry instead. Danielle is an only child and doesn't quite yet know how to share so she instinctively just snatches up other kids toys whether or not they are playing with them, knowing only that she wants what she wants and will get it by the only means she knows how.

But then the teacher lays out a bunch of art supplies and all you are asked to do is go and play. Go create!

The environment is very free and kids just start doing things naturally. The objective of that short time in a child's life is to get along with and work well with others. Except and understand that we're all different and have different ways of communicating and to learn how others communicate. We make friends with other kids that perhaps our own individual environments would not nourish.

Nathan then draws a picture for Paulette and sees that it makes Paulette smile and Paulette gives Nathan her ice-cream bar from her lunch pail. Daniele could really use the color pink on what she is working on but Shelly is currently using it. Shelly would really like to use the color green but Danielle is currently using it. Nathan, Paulette, Danielle, and Shelly learn to communicate, share and become friends all the way through high school.

As so is life, right? There are some really amazing connections you will make with people and experiences. You will learn from them and you yourself may even have something to teach. The mutual exchange is both satisfying and fulfilling and the bonds made are tight. Art and music really does touch the soul. These connections are soul connections.

But you still have to let it go at the end of the weekend.

You can't take the asphalt with you. You'll just have a big 'ol pot hole.

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