2003 - Lake Worth, Florida

Four Generations of McClain's

Did I mention that the Lake Worth Festival is kinda like my own personal "New Year"? Usually it's the one weekend out of the year that I get to myself and focus on the work at hand as well as running into so many folks from yester-years during the festival it does steer you into a state of reflection.

2002 brought me a son and the passing of my grandmother. It always seems to work that way doesn't it? When one life ends here on earth, another begins.

When my son was born, I thought a lot about my father that year and couldn't help but feel so angry that he wasn't alive to see see his liniage. My dad was on the younger end of 8 kids that my grandmother raised which I always found so crazy as she was so TINY! Not to mention just the IDEA of having 8 kids in this day and age. Anywho ... I thought that perhaps a tribute to the McClain family was appropriate for this year's festival.

Saturday was a complete wash out so come Sunday morning, I had to completely start over and scale the size back quite a bit and rush through it. I wasn't thrilled with the outcome and didn't feel it was my best but that's where the heart was and I dig it.

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